Friday, May 8, 2015

[IAC#RG] Farmers strugle

This is 3rd mail from Major mathews. Glad to see the responses; some silly; some serious and worth debating . I was touched by Dr chowdhary's
Let me share an experience. Banana Cavandish yielding 30 kg a bunch promised me one lakh per acre 15 years ago. I was on cloud 9. Then came a disease called nemetode; the leaves dry up ; the bunches droop and break at the neck and fall off before maturing. I took soil to. Dharward Agri University, my bank's agri officer and many places for testing and a conclusive remedial action to say "this is the problem , this is the solution" no scientist wanted to take a risk in sugesting- no bank official was prepared to bear the responsibility. I. Cried at my withering crop droping down in front of me. 2 5 acres of scientific. Modern farmer - educated agri entrepreneur just dried up.

Ofcourse the bank took me to court; no respite or leniency or saving plan of aditional funds to tide over . Such luxuries are for Kings Flying in the Air Industrialists.

What can the average farmer in villages do in such situations do? I feel sad to see their sunken eyes and torn tatered shirts...they should pay income tax and luxury tax
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