Friday, May 8, 2015


It is a very theoretical suggestion that the underprivileged must be encouraged to accept family planning norms. It is against nature, in the sense that nature caters for the underprivileged to grow in numbers to compensate for greater attrition! 

The important and mandatory thing to do is to prevent the rich from amassing wealth disproportionate to their needs and availability. This IS a function of the govt an we have to exert ourselves to make these 'public servants' deliver what they are tasked, empowered, equipped and paid to deliver.

regards n bw


On Thu, May 7, 2015 at 11:59 AM, Sant Mathur <> wrote:
The lasting and the viable solution is assured and reasonably speedy
decline in overall population figures(not merely a reduction i
population growth). Mainly the less privileged sections of all
communities and religions,need to be targetted to adopt small family
norm,and rather delayed marriages and spacing between children.
All party meet must seriously take up this vital issue of public importance.
s p mathur IPS DGP(retd)


On Thu, May 7, 2015 at 9:37 AM, Pranab Kumar Chakravarty
<> wrote:
> Some permanent solution should be found to mitigate sufferings of farmers
> who are from time immemorial dependent on Arun & Barun. There is no
> guarantee how Arun and Barun will behave during harvesting seasons.
> Only monetary assistance cannot be the permanent solution. Most of the
> rivers are drying up. .So, there is a limit on providing or extending
> irrigation facilities. Due to manifold use of water, most of the states are
> facing water shortage. From Tibet, occupied by China, several snow fed
> rivers including the mighty Brahmaputra flow to India's northeast .But China
> is building barrages on the rivers in its occupied territories causing water
> shortage in the region. We all know what is happening in our southern states
> facing water shortage and no state is prepared to share water with others
> for obvious reason.
> The water dispute between Haryana and Punjab is sub judice both of them
> plead inability of sharing water. Delhi is dependent for water on Haryana
> and UP, both basically agrarian states. What I mean to emphasise is that
> there will be shortage of water, the basic prerequisite for agriculture
> operation in all states. Water cannot be generated unlike electricity.
> Therefore, my suggestion is that our agriculture scientists should evolve
> less and less water dependent crops through R & D.Meanwhile, we should
> change our food habits by taking less and less products made of rice and
> wheat. We know that for growing wheat and rice, farmers need substantial and
> timely rainfall or irrigation which no one can guarantee to the farming
> community. We should also avoid wasting water and use judiciously whatever
> water is available treating it as the gift sent by PARAMESHWAR
> On 6 May 2015 at 12:01, R. Dua <> wrote:
>> Agree with you Shri Ahuja ji.
>> The farmers need money for daily use.Sitting on a piece of land is old
>> story with hardly any future.Yes it is good for holding on to, but that is
>> it.The poor fellow can not even sustain his family on it.And we all know
>> large land holdings are with big landlords by now.
>> We need to give them jobs.
>> And this govt job scenario needs a befitting end..
>> Let it be good paying,working jobs rather than getting paid for doing
>> less.
>> Regards to all.
>> On 6 May 2015 11:38, "Ashok Ahuja" <> wrote:
>>> Mr. Gaur,
>>> Thank you. Why is a farmer wanting his sons to take up Govt. Jobs.  One
>>> of the reasons could be that the land holding he has will not be able to
>>> sustain the extended family,the other could be that he is looking for
>>> financial security. In Govt jobs whatever happens they will keep getting the
>>> security associated with Gov. Jobs. The question is whether Govt. Is able to
>>> provide jobs to such large population. Answer is NO. This is where private/
>>> public sector comes in.look at data world over what percentage of the jobs
>>> provided by the Govt vs the private sector. Private sector clearly wins.Even
>>> in GDP higher share is of private than Govt. Industry,therefore, is very
>>> important.
>>> Regards
>>> A.Ahuja
>>> Sent from my iPad
>>> On May 4, 2015, at 11:56 AM, Gaur J K <> wrote:
>>> Mr. Ahuja
>>> Regarding jobs I forgot to mention some facts which you will know if you
>>> are familiar with farming community. Indian farmer would like to send one of
>>> his sons to the army. The second son to the police whether it is central or
>>> state police. The third one if the son is we'll educated he will become a
>>> teacher or a lecturer in college. In short his preference will be a govt or
>>> state job.
>>> Not a job in a private co. If he can help. We have many army veterans
>>> with rural background who can further clarify
>>> Regds jkgaur
>>> On 3 May 2015 11:08, Ashok Ahuja <> wrote:
>>> Mr. Gaur,
>>> This is the first note I am writing because it pained me to see that the
>>> so called intelligensia fighting for the wrong things rather than going deep
>>> into the reasons of the decay and correcting them.
>>>  the land holding of a poor farmer,I am talking poor farmer, on average
>>> is less than few acre and the no. Of children is three or more. With this
>>> land holding they are unable to meet their minimum needs of food and
>>> clothing, forget about educating the children,their marriages or some
>>> emergency requirements. What will be the status if the land piece is further
>>> divided amongst the children. They will have no option but to sell the land
>>> to the money lenders and become criminals/live on Govt. Doles like MNREGA or
>>> such govt sponsored scheme,because of which we, rather than making them self
>>> respecting proud Indians, we are making them beggars, thieves,criminals. As
>>> you are well aware even the doles given by the Govt. Do not reach the
>>> intended beneficiaries. By these schemes the govt encourages infrastructure
>>> which is thoroughly inefficient and corrupt.
>>> By all means agriculture should be given the highest importance but at
>>> the same time job creation is also equally important,and for that
>>> industrialisation is the only way. For that land mass is needed, world class
>>> infrastructure is required. Fair compensation for the acquired land must be
>>> given to the farmers. Their rehabilitation by providing jobs to them and
>>> their children should be ensured. It should also be ensured that the purpose
>>> for which the land is acquired is used for that only.
>>> Further Our agricultural output per unit of land mass is one third or
>>> less of the developed countries output. This is where our efforts should be
>>> put ,if we really want to help farmers.
>>> Regards
>>> Ashok
>>> Sent from my iPad
>>> On May 2, 2015, at 12:02 PM, Gaur J K <> wrote:
>>> 2/5/15
>>> We all know 'Make in India' is not for Agriculture and farm products. You
>>> dont need foreign technology or manpower to make storage silos for rotting
>>> grains or cold storages for farm produce.
>>> We all know Land acquisition amendmentBill 2015 is not for farmers but
>>> corporates unless the Govt. makes available data of land acquired since 1947
>>> for various purposes-Defence Projects, Public Sector undertakings, roads
>>> ,irregation , Special  Economic zones and Industrial usages. How much of the
>>> acquired land is used profitably and how much lying unused. Specifically I
>>> give an example of land alloted to Ind ian Agril. Research Insitute(IARI) by
>>> Pandit Nehru Govt. after independence. Today it is in the heart of New
>>> Delhi. Now Agril research is practically in private hands. So also the land
>>> acquired by various state Govt. as State Farms. Are these really helping
>>> farmers  in making the improved   seeds available, raise productivity and
>>> other related issues of farmers.
>>> 2. Future of In dian Agriculture is very bleak. Si nce liberalisation,
>>> the Govt. approach is to treat agriculture as an industry. The figures are
>>> quoted to show that its contribution in GDP is less than 20% and the rate of
>>> growth is 2% as compared to industries and services. But nobody is prepared
>>> to help the farmer except lip service. If the Govt. creates conditions that
>>> a farmer,s son has to migrate to the city to get a job, what hope there is
>>> for the future of Agriculture. Agriculture in India cannot be Agri. in US or
>>> Europe.
>>> Agricuture is a back breaking activity. Food security ceased to be
>>> important after the green revolution of 70,s. With the climate change and
>>> Govt. policy we are heading to a bleak future for farming community-the
>>> backbone of rural India.
>>> JKGaur
>>> ________________________________
>>> Date: Thu, 30 Apr 2015 12:03:19 +0530
>>> From:
>>> To:
>>> Subject: Re: [IAC#RG] IMPORTANT: IAC PUBLIC NOTICE re: Kiran Bedi
>>> That is a moving response. But will the policy makers listen. I am all
>>> for modi's make in India so long as it is for, and only for, agricultural
>>> and farm products.
>>> regards n bw
>>> ravi
>>> On Wed, Apr 29, 2015 at 4:02 PM, ADV. SUDHA GANDHI
>>> <> wrote:
>>> presently for God sake and for true love for our country all
>>> politician should first think about situation and condition of our
>>> Indian farmers without playing politics otherwise young generation
>>> will not forgive any politician. If FARMERS survive then only  people
>>> of India will get sufficient food to eat.   Without  nutritious and
>>> quality food they is no sense in any kind of progress in our life.
>>> Simple living  and high thinking IS OUR COUNTRY'S spirit  Moreover it
>>> should be think of that FARMERS children will get free education
>>> facility. Interest free loan for marriage of their daughters.  There
>>> should be some concrete  plan framed by government in such a way that
>>> farmers get monitory help by way of depositing direct fund in their
>>> account at the worst time in their life when there is no rain or more
>>> rainfall damaging the crops, vegetables, fruits, cotton etc. Even
>>> people at large in India wants to help to farmers by paying something
>>> from their salary can directly deposit in their account as a message
>>> to farmers that we all Indian are your brothers and sisters to help
>>> you in your worst days of your life. Even many Industrialist and
>>> Corporate offices can help by compulsorily appointing permanently in
>>> Job farmers' children in their organization. It is also necessary that
>>> farmers locality should also developed by roads, busroute and small
>>> railways accompanying by small scale industry and wholesale markets
>>> hospitals, Agricultural and polytechnic colleges, Police station,
>>> around them as  Modi government is explaining  to People and farmers
>>> at large. Every Indian's duty to protect  poor farmers by help them
>>> out in all possible manner.   Kishan vikas patra scheme should be
>>> encouraged IN SUCH A WAY   that money UP TO TWO  LAKHS  ONLY EVERY
>>> YEAR  will become double in six years and Tex rebate will be full so
>>> that people of India mainly middle class service people rush to save
>>> On Thu, Feb 5, 2015 at 2:45 PM, Sarbajit Roy <> wrote:
>>> > Dear Subscribers
>>> >
>>> > The media and Justice Katju are saying yesterday what we said a week
>>> > earlier. Dumping Kiran Bedi now will not improve BJP's fortunes,
>>> > although the polls are wrong and 2 important traditional Congress vote
>>> > banks are still undecided and game is still open for BJP.
>>> >
>>> > It is all very well for Justice Katju, and I am not his friend on
>>> > Facebook, to fight for release of Sadhvi Pragya. On this list, IAC had
>>> > also come round that Dr. Subramaniam Swamy's public appeals to Justice
>>> > Katju and others in 2013 to release Sadhvi Pragya should be taken very
>>> > seriously in Government and wonderment why Govt was not taking action.
>>> >
>>> > In the same vein as Dr. Subramaniam Swamy, I also wonder why this
>>> > present Government is so fixated on punishing one of our nation's
>>> > finest intellectual minds, who could be a great asset to India in our
>>> > common national quest to achieve our destined purpose on the world
>>> > platform, and as rapidly as possible.
>>> >
>>> > Accordingly, I hope that someone on high remembers KOBAD GHANDY, who
>>> > like me attended St. Xavier's College Mumbai and which institution I
>>> > suppose greatly shaped the choices we separately made in life.
>>> >
>>> > I can disclose now that late JaiPrakash Narain ji "JP" privately had
>>> > greatly approved my father's decision to educate me at Jesuit
>>> > institutions in the English language, saying that is what is needed
>>> > for the new India so that the old India could be preserved. My father
>>> > was in the Hindu Hostel at Benares/kashi BHU and with Pandit Madan
>>> > Mohan Malviya's Independence agitation and even lost a year because of
>>> > it.
>>> >
>>> > PS: I am writing in my personal capacity based on Justice Katju's
>>> > appeal which somebody posted to my Facebook wall, and Ghandy's
>>> > writings - available here for anyone interested.
>>> >
>>> >
>>> > Sarbajit
>>> >
>>> > On 1/27/15, Sarbajit Roy <> wrote:
>>> >> Dear Friends
>>> >>
>>> >> On 12 January BJP had a 16 percent vote share lead over AAP -
>>> >> something like 48% to 32% with Congress at 12%. But, as of now AAP has
>>> >> pulled sharply ahead and its 39% AAP to 34% BJP with 18% to Congress
>>> >> for the 70% steady voters. These are HRA's latest numbers -
>>> >> discounting the swing / mercenary vote banks and uncommitted voters
>>> >> who are about 30%. and essentially unpredictable till the last moment.
>>> >>
>>> >> What we are also seeing is that Kiran Bedi's entry has done 2 things,
>>> >> a massive 28% drop in "committed" BJP voters who are tending to
>>> >> support AAP publicly but also a large number who are prepared to
>>> >> support Congress for cash privately. Of these the BJP's UP-Biharis at
>>> >> about 16% are gravitating mostly to AAP and the BJP's disgruntled
>>> >> Punjabis about 12% mostly to Congress. AAP has also lost 4% of its
>>> >> previous 32% to Congress. The uncommitted voters are mainly
>>> >> gravitating to BJP as  AAP is not able to convert uncommitted voters
>>> >> at last moment and AAP is last choice for them as Congress is still #2
>>> >> choice after BJP for these.
>>> >>
>>> >> The game is still very open and as d-day approaches huge deals and all
>>> >> kinds of muck is going to be in play.
>>> >>
>>> >> Enjoy
>>> >>
>>> >> Sarbajit
>>> >>
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